About Clueless C*nt

I’m a copywriter residing in New York.

I’m a little late to the blogging game. There are a few reasons I waited so long. The most obvious reason is that I understood I would be just another minuscule addition to an ever growing pool of millions who are already vlogging, recipe-ing, performing Instagramming, and pondering life on the Internet. Another big reason – fear. Fear of being honest to/about myself, fear of not being [insert: black, gay, intelligent, witty, insightful, mature, educated] enough. I had nightmares of snarky comments and derisive emails from anonymous assholes.

But really it was just that I couldn’t figure out what the hell I wanted to write about. It wasn’t until the last year or so…as I’ve finally started talking openly with friends and family about the sea change that’s occurring in my life…that I realized exactly what I needed to do.

This time in my life is gigantic. I’m clueless as all get out, but I can most assuredly recognize the significance of this period. Professionally, socially, emotionally and especially sexually–I am changing. I’m stumbling through the process of growing the fuck up. It started later for me than most of the people I know (including some exes),  and that is exactly the point of the blog.

At 29, I’m no longer the person I always thought that I was. That person is being remade by hard luck, heartbreak, stress, awkward sex, empty bank accounts, weed, drag queens, fashion, creative directors with tattoos, singing lessons, good music and a veritable kaleidoscope of other shit.

I am exiting the realm of Clueless Ingenue and entering the world of Grown Ass Woman, and this blog is the tramp stamp of my journey on the back of that invisible bitch, Time.

My “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing” badge is indeed showing. And it’s my hope to give other women (or men?) plagued with the same sense of cluelessness a place to come and read and think: damn I thought I was an idiot, but this ignorant cunt makes me look like freaking Stephen Hawking!

But really–I hope that even if you don’t relate, you learn something and can apply what you learn to your friends, your family, your partner…and if you do relate, that you feel just a tiny bit less alone with your thoughts. That you find yourself gaining surer and surer footing on your own journey as you take mine with me.

Essentially what I’ll be writing about:

Sex. Relationships. Self discovery (sad trumpet). Food. Being youthful, but no longer young. Being self-aware, without that self-awareness having an effect on the decisions I make. Fruit salad. Dildos.

And other topics of that ilk.

Thanks for reading.

-Clueless Cunt